Monday, November 16, 2009

The Roman Empire

In Rome a long long time ago there were amazing buildings, that are now mostly in ruins. The Roman empire was very powerful this all came from there big well trained army. If somebody got in the army, it was not easy to get out...they had to be in the army for 25 years!!!!! Sometimes they would walk 20 miles, carrying a back pack that weighed more than 60 pounds! Romans were great at building, and they also made concrete! They mixed water, volcanic ash, broken stones, lime, and sand. Just like now there were poor people, and rick people then, the rich people lived in luxury, with pools, gardens, and court yards. The poor lived in smelly narrow allies, and houses were built with little care. For there entertainment they would go, and watch fights, and chariot racing! The place they would go for this is the Colosseum. Sometimes they would have wild animals fight even. The Roman Empire officially ended when German army commander declared himself king of Italy.

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