Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My new post


I have not posted in so long so here's what's new. I started swim team ( very hard...but fun!), I am playing turkey in the straw on piano, I am reading nancy drew books mostly right now, I did my school work today, and checked my email, I hope we move(maybe), I bounced on the trampoline ( yesterday), I watched movies ( nims island), I have been going to my acting group, I want summer, and no ticks, we had a showing today, but they didn't show, and I ate pizza! Yep!

Those are the main events right now :D I really want to put pictures on my blog, but I can't untill I get a new charger :( I am waiting to go to swimming now, but it's still 2:30, and it starts at 6:00! Well I am going to keep posting more often now, so keep checking :D :D :D

Oh also I went to a Birthday party on Saturday, it was really fun!



Delainie said...

Wut makes swim team so hard?I wish I had a trampoline LOL! Did u like Nim's Island? I saw it @ z Movie Tavern! OMG I hate ticks! I got 1 once...I hope there is no 2nd time LOL!

haiku said...

lol nim's island was OK. swim team started hard but got easier

Delainie said...