Sunday, October 24, 2010

woogiworld and it's issues

Hello people! So today I am going to talk about the fair, and unfair stuff on!

1. You have to be a member of the book club to read books that aren't for 2 yr olds!

2. Only members can trade clothes at the flee market, which is totally unfair!

3. All members can trade are, watts, and trading cards! Watts on woogiworld are money by the way!

4. The "celebrates" on woogiworld are mean! Unless you say you like a different one better! Then they speak up MWAHAHAHAAA XD

5. You have to take missions to talk, but that's not what's obnoxious! What's annoying is all they do is have you click on the "bad" woogies! Well that's all !

Can't wait for trick or treating! comment if you can't either!


Anonymous said...

ditz 4 trick-or-treatn!
AND WOWWWWW woogiworld sounds stupid!

haiku said...

yep! it is but if your a member it's good lol