Sunday, July 8, 2012

BYC Just got there this morrrrning

Alrighty, so Sunday through Friday I have been at the most awesome, cool, amazing camp ever! BYC!  So despite any sadness or problems I have had this summer BYC was able to instantly turn that into happiness and love.  BYC stands for baptist youth camp and takes place at Laurel Ridge, North Carolina.  This camp is so welcoming and excepting you could be anyone and feel like you were at home.  The camp starts by playing ice breakers, breakin the ice games, which of course aren't the funnest but they weren't horrible.  Although I probably didn't make any life friends while standing in a group with the same shoe size as me it was still a fun way to start the week.  Ahhh I don't even know where to start!  Well the food I guess, it made me sick on several occasions, but I think it might just be the grease is most of the food.  They do have salads!  After dinner every night we would go to worship.  Worship was very spiritual and made you feel happy every day.  You would take your shoes off and sit on blankets and have an amazing time.  It was also very emotional as people would talk about their sadness they had experienced. Now to a different subject, the cabins. So everyone walks in and I'm of course like TOP BUNK and so is my frieeend Sarah. So later every one's talking about the new mattresses and how they are dark green so I dramatically flip my hair and look at my bed. And guess what?  IT'S LIGHT GREEN NOO!  Yes I had the only light green mattress and ya know what that means? No, you don't unless you are Anna.  Let's put it this way every morning when I woke up too early for the others I would be holding my breath to be quiet...of course my stupid bed was like eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh urrrrrr when I got up or moved an inch. So I would just awkwardly smile when every one's angry eyes stared at me.  The showers also had some gorgeously large spiders...that didn't make sense ahh I'm tired, OK?  OKAY so we had exodus groups every morning after worship and announcements. We would read scripture and sometimes play a game. It was usually not super fun but I met some cool people.  Like Coke.   Okay so Sarah and I were watching a game of basketball and were giving people nick names and one guy was wearing a coke shirt so we called him coke.  Hehe he was my age so yeah he was in my exodus group.  I'm such a a uncreepy way.  After lunch we would go to an interest group we had picked out. I picked Fun with Fur. And it was some serious fun! I got to dry felt, wet felt, spin yarn and cover a bar of soap in wool haha.  And may I say this week made me love photography even more!  I definitely want to make a living doing that.  Here's a picture of broccoli, it's at the top.... its good though, right!?  Well anyways after interest groups we have 3 hours of free time where I would mostly write letters to people and play games with my friends.  :)  Okay so we had a activity after worship every night like a talent show, bonfire, sundaes, skits, stuff like that. My favorite was the talent show! It was really fun and I loved a lot of the acts.  One boy sand Yound Wild and Free! It was HILARIOUS!  He was a small sixth grader and he asked if he could cuss hahahahahaa.  He was all "I'm 17 and I got peach fuzz on my face and so what if we go crazzzyy" it was awesome!  Bottom line is I met awesome friends and can't wait to go back next year!

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