Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Istanbul and Christmas Continued!

Sorry this couldn't be one post, my blog is being a little crazy so be sure to read the post below this one to read more about my trip to Istanbul! :)

After our short visit to the Topkapi Palace we decided to go back to the Spice Bazaar to pick up some souvenirs.  We bought tea, glass tea cups, Turkish delights and tacky key chains with the evil eye on them.  In Istanbul you will see the evil eye all over the place, the eye is supposed to protect you and ward off evil spirits.  The reason they used an eye is because of the Greek mythological monster Medusa.  If you haven't heard of Medusa she is able to turn anybody to stone who looks her in the eyes.  Yep, pretty crazy.  Anyways, after searching around the Spice Bazaar for a while we began walking over to Galata Tower.  Galata Tower was the highest point in Istanbul when it was built, standing 219 feet tall!  This stop was definately one of my favorite places to visit.  You can take an elevator up most of the way but there are a several flights of stairs at the top.  At the highest point of the tower there is a restaurant and the option to walk around the perimeter of  the tower.  The view is amazing, I think it scared my friend Sarah, but not enough to make her regret the experience.  You can see all of Istanbul from there, it's really spectacular!  The elevator encounter we had shortly after walking around was much more traumatizing for everybody then the height. A couple very loudly kissing, eww!  No need to go into detail but it was quite disgusting.  Any how, after seeing Galata Tower we walked over to the pedestrian street to get ice cream.  I got goats milk ice cream which is very popular in Istanbul, it's actually really good.  It tastes pretty similar to regular ice cream but creamier.  After we finished eating we headed back to our hotel with one last magical walk down the pedestrian street.  It really was a great adventure and I would love to go back someday!!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! :)
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