Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth Of July

A few days ago we went to the fourth of july. When we first got there we watched the parade. They had a lot of different floats. Most of them were really cool. After about 10 min of the parade we thought it was almost over but there was much more. After the parade it started raining. We went in front of Brues the restarant. A couple min later we met up with our friends kk and Abby. Then we started rides we started with the musik Express. This ride went fast foward and backward. It was a lot of fun. After this we went on the boat. This ride went really fast around in circles. A little after this we went and got icies. I got bubble gum and creamsicle. After this we went to the fun house and did games. After this we went on the dizzy dragons and got pizza. Then we got to watch the egg toss and the three legged race. We had a lot of fun. Then me and my sisters friend came to our house. We bounced on the tramp the whole time and played games. Then after one hour they had to go home. Then we had pizza for dinner. Then we had to go home. If you really think about it life pretty much revolves around you not in a bad way though not in a bad way.

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