Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lake Hudson

Today we went to lake Hudson. We woke up at a pretty good time. Then me my mom and my dad went to the coffee shop. We all got drinks and food then we worked for a hour and a half. When we got home we all got ready for lake Hudson. We put on sun screen and our bathing suites. Then we all hopped in the car. When we got to lake Hudson we all got out and went to the original spot under the trees and set up camp. Then after a little I begged my sister to come in. Soon we were by the edge of the water. The water was surprisingly warm. When we got in we went on the diving block and, on the diving board and even the slide. Then they blew the whistle. On the brake we had to get food. GO fetch the drinks GO fetch the food. When ever I went to the snack stand they looked at me like I was crazy. Luckily I would never see them again. Then when we were aloud back in the water we went to the diving block. We did swirls and tricks off of it. Then we went to the diving board again. I did a twirl off the little dive and then off the big dive. Then we went down the slide. Then once again it was brake time. On brake time my sister played badmitten with Elliot. Then me Lia and Elliot went to the diving block again. From here we swam to the diving boards and did some more tricks. Soon we only had a little time left. By the time we left we were all doing flips. No i'm serious!!!!!

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