Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am now afficially 9

Today we woke up bright and early. We were all excited about (or at least I was) my birthday. Then we noticed that our dad was not home yet. Then the good knews came I didn't have to do any school work. So after this my mom went to walk. While she was gone our dad walked in the door. Then we all got dressed and went to Bob Evans for lunch I got a blueberry crepe. The rest of the family got green beans buiskets and gravy. After we did this we went to toys R us and target to look for bikes. I didn't like any of the targit bikes though. At toys R us we got a bike and a dance dance revaloution mat. When we got home we played dance dance revaloution and we biked. After this we had a tennis lesson at Dennison with Peter. We decided we would bike there since it was so darn nice out. So Amelia and Gabe left befor us because they were about to be late for there lesson. Then me mom and daddy went. I got to try out all my knew gears. When we went up hills it was so much easier. Soon we arrived at Dennison. Turns out Gabe hadn't even started his lesson. Soon Gabe was done with his lesson he did really good. After his lesson Gabe and daddy went for a run. By the time they got back I was done. Me and Gabe went home together and the others met us. Then we went to Brues to eat. I got mac and cheese bites and a rootbear as usually. Thenn we all went home and Amelia gave me a present. I was so happy that night what a great Birthday!!!!!!!

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schnauzer said...

What a nice blog about your 9th birthday. I wish I could have enjoyed it with you. I love the way you funny and so interesting. You're getting to be so grown up. I love you and am proud of you. Gma N