Friday, May 23, 2008


I read about stone henge today I read about how nobody really knows why they hauled giant stones for miles to this certain sight. Some stones go 20 feet in the air some are small and lie on the grass. They did discover though to miles away from the stone henge was a town in ruins. They say right next to the town they found a wooden circle. It says that the two circles were to repersent the living and the dead. Also in the wooden circle they found bones of barbecued pig and cow. There so they think the people might have gathered there for feasts. They also think the circle was wear they had like a country fair wear people would meet, trade and, biuld stone henge. They think when someone died they would put there bodys in the river and transport them to the stone henge for burial. Isn't that wierd. Well that is what I read about stone henge today.

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