Sunday, May 4, 2008


Today we woke up at 12:00 in the morning. Mom and Dad said we could choose what to do that day. Right away we chose monet's garden but mom and dad said it was to late for that. So instead we decided to go to the Pompidu art mueseum. After we all took baths we started are walk to the art mueseum. On are way we walked and talked. When we finally arrived we had a little trouble getting in but after a little while we found our way in. When we got in we saw a huge piece of art shaped like a spider. Soon we reallized that most of the art was up stairs so we went up a bunch of escalators to get upstairs. When we were finally upstairs we saw a restraunt and a long hall. Not long after that we found out we needed tickets to see the art on the top floor. We went 2 escalators down and saw a big wooden case inside the case there were a bunch of bottles hanging from the cieling. After that we went up a couple flights of stairs and saw a whole row of art they had all kind they had art hanging, they had painted art, they had pop out art, and sculptures. Then we saw all kinds of painted art they had pictures of all sorts of things people, and places they also had big paintings of orange and blue. when we got into the next room they had seats with curly bottoms. Then we went into another room and they had a piece of pop out art with zig zags popping out. Then we finally got out and went to another. On the way to this room we saw a mer- cow. In the room they had a picture of a door and other blocks of art. Then we went into another room and they had a big exibit of art. It was a bunch of art put into an exbit. Then we went to the next room and saw all kinds of people. Skinny people, swirly people, and more. then there was a bunch of paintings of people they were in all sorts of places for there background. Soon we got really tired so we left for lunch. We went to a greek restaunt next door. We started walking towards the park. We saw a band playing. When we finished watching we kept walking until we reached our destination-the park. When we got to the park we got kiwi icecream. When we were done eating we came to a big pond it had ducks and statues and sailboats. It had so many people. We kept walking. We saw beautiful rocks. We saw tennis courts, we decided we were getting thirsty we went to a drink stand. We watched tennis until it was time to go. We walked back to the metro station on the way we looked at statues. We went to find the metro. we went down the stairs and took a train back to the apartment. When we got there we got drinks my mom and dad got hot tea and My sister got water and my brother and I got orangina. Then we got Chinese. Then we walked back to the apartment and my parents went to the grocery store. We then went to bed. LIFE IS GOOD!

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schnauzer said...

Hi, My Sweetie<
FInally today, I received your blog address from your dad. I had asked for it a couple of times. I was glad to get it so I can read your blogs. You are an excellent writer and I found it very interesting. I am glad you're seeing so many wonderful and itneresting things. Papa Nicholls was in Paris in the 1950's while he was in the army. He has photos he wants to share with you when you come for a visit. You can compare them (50 years ago) with today's. I can hardly wait to see you. You will hopefully have a new baby cousin when you arrive...she's due in about 3 weeks. Her name is Madison (Maddie)/ Have fun and keep up the good writing. I bet your teachers are proud of you. Love you bunches, G'ma N I always make copies for Grandma Gowan and Uncle Wayne.