Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Day In Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to a lot of different places we went to a church a mueseum and quite a lot of other places. We woke up pretty late. We were all very excited because today was suveneer day. We all got dressed and ready and were on our way. First we fowned a ATM then we went to the METRO. When we got to the metro we all got tickets and went to the metro. The metro took us about 10 min. When we got off we were right in front of a huge church called Sacre coeur. We decided we wanted to go to the top of the hill the church was standing on. When we got to the top it was a beautiful view. Soon we had to move on with the day. When we got down the hill we went to the metro for the second time. This time the train ride was at least 15 min long. When we got off this metro we were all hungry. So we decided to go find somthing to eat. Soon after we started walking again we found a sandwich store. we all got sandsiches and went to the Sein river to eat them. When we found a shady spot we all sat down and ate our sandwiches. When we finished we all had left overs so we spared a couple minutes to feed the birds. After we fed the birds we started heading to the Holocaust mueseum. When we got their we went through security. Then we went in the mueseum. When we first got in it showed all the french people who died in the consentraition camps. Then we went inside and saw movies and pictures about the consentraition camps. It was very sad. When we left on the way out daddy slammed the door on his hand on accident ouch! After this it was suveneer time. On the way to the suveneers we stopped at a park for a little it had benches and even those wobbly things you sit on. After this we started shopping. We looked at a lot of stores. Finally we went into a store with lots of bags. I decided to get a bag. I got a bag with lots of colors. I loved it so much. You know what I meen. (tempting) After I got my suveneer. My sister and brother got a portret of their selves. They were beautiful. After we all got our suveneers we went back to the apartment and got dinner. Then we went to bed what a great last day in Paris!!!

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