Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today was a rather wierd day but fun. We were going to versailles. We woke up rather early and started our way to the metro. When we got to the metro we found our train and soon after we got on to this we were off but of course we still had to take the hour ride to versailles. When we got off the hour long one we started our way to the PALACE. When we finally found the palace we had to stand in a really long line. A long time after this though we were in the palace. This is where our adventure really begins. So as I was saying we were soon in the palace. When we were in here we went up some stairs in to a long hallway of heads. When we got through this we were in a room with lots of pictures hanging on the wall. When we got through this we saw a beautiful hallway of shandeleers and mirrors. It was called the hall of mirrors. It had lots of mirrors on the sides of the room. After this we went into the kings bedroom. The bed was gigantic. It was like a normal bed with a canapie over it. After we saw this we went into a room with lots of pictures in it. It was of some kind of war. It had hoarses and peaple and even doctors. After this we went into the queens bedroom. It was exactly like the kings bedroom but pink. Soon after this we were out of the palace. After this we went to the gardens we had to stand in another long line here to get tickets but after this we were in the beautiful gardens. When we got in the gardens we went straight to food we all got big sandwiches for lunch. After we ate those we got icecream to. After we got icecream we went to to a lake to just relax. Then caboom water came spurting out of all the fountains. So we decided to go look at all the fountains. We saw big ones little ones high ones and low one. It was so beautiful. Their was even music playing. After we saw all the fountains we decided to start heading twards the fainale. We had to go all the way up to the palace again but it was worth it. We saw water spurting up so high it's not even funny. Soon we had to start heading back to the apartment. On the way back to the metro we stopped to eat and use the restroom. Then we took the long ride back home. We all ate when we got home and went to bed. What a great day.

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