Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sewer Tour

Today was a big day. Our dad was taking us to a Sewer Tour. When we finally got there we asked if it smelled bad. He said it should only smell a little. After this we went down two cases of stairs and that's when the smell came. Well it wasn't to bad till we got to a big river of sewer water. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever. It smelled a skunk had just sprayed the whole room. Then we kept walking on hoping find another room that didn't smell so bad. Thats when we saw a green room. We went in the room and used the restroom{Lol} and watched some sewer videos. We got lost in the sewer after we left the green room. Finally we found the exit and were refeshed by the clean air outside. We were disgusted by the river since thats where the waste water goes when the sewer floods. What an interesting day.


grandpatd said...

Hi Isabel, it sure sounds like an intresting day. I think I'll leave that part of the tour to you guys. Sounds a little smelly to me. Love You, Papa Orr

schnauzer said...

Hi Belle,
I vote with Papa Orr to forego the sewer trip. Remember your dad said, "I smell like a polecat!" I would love the stained glass. Do you know if the glass was made by Tiffany? He was a famous stained glass artist. I'll be happy to see your pictures when you get home. Love you bunches. Stay out of the sewers..(smile). Grandma Nick