Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Mona Lisa

Today was a exciting day!!! We got to go see the Mona Lisa. We woke up at about 12:00 PM. Then we all got ready for the big day. When we got to the Louve wear the Mona Lisa was we started out by looking at all these sculptures and paintings. Then we all got really hot wich turned into desperate hunger. Obviously we all had to start begging for food and that was a good thing cause after a while we were sitting at a table with food in front of us. After we all were full we started heading over to the Mona Lisa. We started out by going through a hallway with dragons. Then we went up a long stair case. When we got up the stairs we went to the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was a lot smaller than you would think. Did you know that the girl in the Mona lisa does not have eyebrows. This is because women back then used to pluck all of their eyebrows. Also her real name is not Mona Lisa it is really Lisa Gherardini. When I first went in the room wear the Mona Lisa is it looked like she was looking right directly at me. The colors on the painting were very dull but I read about it and, the book said when divinchi first made the Mona Lisa it was a lot more colorfull and over the years it got less and less colorfull. Soon we had to go so we quickly started heading out. When we got out we all decided ice cream sounded delicious. So we went to the first place we saw. The ice cream line was gigantic and geus what we had to start at the very back of it. After we all got our ice cream we found a nice case of stairs to sit on. Then we all gobbled up our ice cream and were energetic again. So we went to a place to play. We went to to a thing that looked like a head and a hand made out of meadel. We all obviously wanted to play on it so thats what we did. After we played on it for a while we started our way home. When we got back to the apartment me my sister and my brother went to the grocery store. We picked out some corn, pizza, and Pinapple juice. Then we went to the bakery and I ordered two choclate croissant's. Then we went back to the apartment and made dinner. Then we all ate and went bed. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

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schnauzer said...

Hi Belle,
I loved your description of the MOna Lisa. Could you tell if she was smiling? You looked pretty tired on the picture. Pretty tiring to see the world, huh? Love you bunches, Grandma Nick