Friday, May 9, 2008


Today was a exciting day we went to a big mueseum and a tunnel with bones. We woke up at about 11:00 and left the house at about 11:30. Then we started going to the mueseum. When we got to the mueseum we looked at a lot of different kinds of art like animals and seenery. Then we went to upstairs and, thats wear I saw a beautifull painting it was called the The Woman and the umbrella. It was a picture of a woman holding a umbrella on the beach. She kind of looked like she was walking away from someone she just got in a fight with she even had a scowly face expression. She also was wearing a very beautifull dress to. When I saw the picture it looked like she was looking away from me. How wierd is that!!! Soon after we saw this painting we had to leave. We still had a great day a head of us still. After we left we got on the Metro and started heading to the BONE TUNNEL DADADADA. When we got off the Metro we were right in front of the tunnel. After we stood in the line for a little we were in the tunnel. We walked through the tunnel for a little but no bones we kept walking even more but no bones. Then we turned nthe corner and their were piles and piles of NOTHING. So we kept walking till finally we came to to a..........................mmiilliioonnss of nothing but bones I should have known. When we finally got out we got some lunch andwent home on the metro. When we got home we got dinner and went to bed. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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schnauzer said...

Hi Belle,
You are just about the funniest little rascal ever. I love your blogs. You are very entertaining and funny. In the sewer, what was the LOL about in connection to the toilet? Just curious. Love and hugs,
Grandma Nick