Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Obama

Today we went to Columbus.  We went to see Obama.  When we got there we had to find a parking spot it took us awhile when we finally found one we excitedly hopped out of the car we were not awaire of the walk ahead of us( at least i wasn't).  We past tuns of stands with screaming people saying hats, shirts, buttons, and even cotton candy.  Finally we got our tickets and we followed everyone else wich was literally everyone i'm super serice.  When we finally got to the end of a big bridge we got in a huge line leading in to where we would be watching Obama.  When we got in we had to get our tickets highlighted.  Then we went through security.  When we were finally in in where we were going to see obama we decided to do first things first use the rest room.  When we were done we headed to find a place to sit.  On our way there we saw people passing out free water.  We got some.  When we first got to where a lot of people were sitting we tried to find a place there but it was to crouded. So we just sat down under a shady tree.  Finally the music stopped and imediatly.  Then we all got in a huge croud and a bunch of people started going up to the stage and giving long speaches.  Finally OBAMA arrived  I was so relived.  After a little while of staring at nothing but people my daddy lifted me up to see Obama.  After a while of this my brother went up and took a lot of pictures.  Shortly after this my sister decided to join him.  After a while we all got to starved to watch more like listen for me though.  Then we walked all the way back through the less screaming croud to our car.  By the time this happened we were all to hungry I couldn't bear it.  We decided to Go to Wendys don't ask me why.  We all got different stuff I got a Cheese burger with french fries and a rootbeer.  My sister on the other hand got a taco salad.  After this we all went to see a movie about religion.  What a big day.

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