Friday, October 24, 2008

My Home Is Rome (for three days)

I just got back from Rome and here is the expireince I had. To get to Rome we took a very early flight to Washington. When we got there we had a lot of time to pass. Soooooo we sat in seats. Justt kidding. We actually decided to go to the Air and Space meuseum. We had to take a bus to get there wich was very scrunched and by the time we got there I was ready to get off. When we got in the huge mueseum we took my mom to a place where she could sit and relax for two minutes. More like four hours. Well she waited with my sister and read and worked we were in the big wide world looking at air planes. We saw a lot of them. I saw the BlackBird even. The BlackBird used to be the Fastest airplane in the world. Wowie wows!!!!!!! We also saw many more. When we were done looking at the planes we talked for a bit. Then we decided to leave. When we got to the airport we went through security again and then went to our gate. We waited at our gate for around 45 min then we started to here names being called. After we heard this dad went to see what seats we had gotten. Turns out I was to little to sit in biuseness class. So my sister got 20 dollars to babysit me in coach. On the way there we listend to music and watched movies. Soon after take off we ate our first meal. I will tell you it was soooooooooooooooooo groseeeeee. The desert was even better............................OATMEALCOOKIES EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. After three meals ad a million hours and you are in ROME. When we got at the airport we walked a lot then we hired someone to drive us to our apartment. We still had a while till we met the guy who was loaning us his house so we decided to look around a bit. We turned aroun each corner and twist and twirl till we got back to the same spot. We had foud one market that was not that big lets just say. We decided to look in another direction for a grocery store. This time we foun a huge market. It had EVERYTHING we found fish, fruit, bread, clothes, toothbbrushes, cheese, veggies, milk, and even eggs. When we got back we went and got our apartment. Then we went to get food. We passed a lot of places to eat. We ended up picking a burrito and pizza place. We all got burritos almost they were okay. My oppinion I guess would not recomend it. After this we decided to see theeeeeee..............................VATICAN!!!!!!!! We walked and talked soon we saw a huge wall we walked along this till we found the entrance. The entrance had people dressed up as clowns it looked like. Then we went in to the Vatican. The Vatican had a fountain in the very center of it. It was spurting up medium amounts of water. After we took pictures and admired it for a little while we went and got in line to go through sicurty that led to inside the Vatican. When we finally got inside we went up a railing and looked around. There were Popes barried down there. My brother went up to John Pauls grave. The most resent Pope that died. Well anyway my brother went up to his Coffin with his hat on and got yelled at LOL. After this we saw many other dead Popes. Then when we were finished here we stood ina small line to go into this church. The church was amazing it had stained glass and marble floors and so much more. There was even a huge place where the preacher would stand it was made of gold and was very beutifull. We looked all around the church and we loved it. When we were done in there we went back around the Vatican and out. We took one last glance at the beutifull spurting fountain ( cause we knew we might never see it again) and boom we were gone. By the time we were done at the Vatican we were all kinda tired out from the long day so we decided to go home and get some ice cream. We all didn't want to go to a just a little ice cream stand with 2 flavors so we walked intill we foun a ice cream store with mant differnt flavors. For some reason I always get bad luck when I order ice cream so I ordered CREAMA turns out in Italy Creama is vanilla ice cream. We ate our ice cream as we walked all the way back to our apartment. We were all tired out from the time differents when we got back to the apartment soo we stayed up all night and partied. Just kidding actually it was the complete opposite we went to bed the minute we got to the apartment. Although I thought I made a good choice going to bed I didn't. I and just me ended up waking up at the same time everyone in Italy was getting ready for bed except I wasn'y even tired anymore because I went to bed to early. PHOOEY. I ended up eating some ceareal reading in the guide books to italy and sitting on the couch. When I was finaly ready to try sleeping again I went back to our small bedroom and went back to sleep. When we woke up we were all getting ready for the big day ahead of ud I knew it would be exciting because today was the day we saw the first SEVEN WONDER the COLISEUM. We all took baths and showers and ate ceareal untill we were all powered up for the big walk ahead of us. To get there we walked and walked and walked till we got to a huge river that strayed all across the beloved Rome. After we walked across this we came upon some ruins of a old small Roman naborhood. My mom looked down there and saw a small skinny but well fed cat. After this we looked in the other direction and saw at least 7 more of them. They were all different some had very little fur and some looked like a huge puff ball. They were all so adorable. After a small amount of time of looking at the furry creatures we continued with our walk. Soon we came to a fountain it was a normal size and still quite pretty. We passed this and went down a cobblestone road till we came to a railed in edge. There were tons of people trying to find a place to look over the rail. There was a huge view. In the distents there was the Coliseum. There were also tons of ruins all over. There were amazing ruins like old furniture in ruins and old homes. We found out to get to the ruins we had to go back around the fountain and down many flights of stairs. When we finally got down the stairs there was a huge biulding that was quite old. It had faided desighns carved into it and was still very beutifull though it was in ruins. We were in the mood for a small snack so we went to a small stand that almost everything and bought two large pieces of pizza. After we got these we decided to go sit down and eat it. We came to a small bridge ( where people were in line to get tickets for the ruins) and sat down to eat. The pizza was delicious i don't think it is as good as people describe it though. After we were done eating we got in line to get tickets for the ruins. After we got the tickets we went through a gate and into the ruins. We looked all around at all the old biuldings and furniture in ruins. There were people looking and digging to see if they could find more ruins. We looked at this old building that was huge it was really cool. It used to be where people walked around and talked. Soon we got to a flight of stairs when we got up there was a huge garden with fountains and bushes lining each path. We slowly walked around and saw all the stuff in there and when we came out we were in front of old palaces. When you looked inside you could see the walls and the rooms. You could tell it was really cold in there just by looking in. After we looked in here we took a path to where we decided to use the restroom. After this we went up a hill called Paletine hill and saw where they used to do the charite races. When we looked down it seamed tiny. It was actually very large. After this we saw a huge desighn on the ground it almost looked like a maze. After this we decided to go to the Colosseum. We walked down this huge hill till we came to it. There standing right before our eyes was the I say the Collesium!!!!! When we got through security we went into the sides of the colloseum. In the center you could see the underground passages where the Gladiators used to get ready and they kept animals down there. We could also see where the king wouls sit and watch. There was a big cross where he would stand. He abviously had his own box too. After this we went upstairs to get a better view. From upstairs we could see they tried to make a small portion of the middle of the collesium look like it used to look like. We tool tons of pictures of us smiling and looking down at the collesium. There was a croud though. Soon before you no it we were down the stairs again and getting ready to leave the beutifull Collesium. When we got out of the Collesium we were all tired out from walking so we took the metro back. We winded and twisted for three stops till we got to our apartment. This time we decided to have a picknick. First we walked all the way to the grocery store then we picked up snacks like apples, plums, bread, and sanwiches. Then we checked out and walked to the park. We found a bench then we sat down and ate our food. There were also rides and a blacktop where kids were playing soccer. When we were done we went back to the apartment and decided to play hide and seek. We played this all night then we went to bed. When we woke up we decided for our last day to go to the spanish steps. We walked till we came to a small shack where they made wraps. They had cheese lettuce and tamato in them. After we ordered we took the seats that were availible and ate. Then we continued our long walk. On the way we found a market. It was very stinky lets say. There were people selling purses fish and plates. After this we came to a fountain. It was very pretty and we decided to get icecream. We sat by the fountaina nd ate the icecream then we came inside a biulding called the Pantheon. There was a huge circle window in the ceiling too. The Pantheon used to be a temple but they turned into a church. Soon after this we decided to go to the nicest mcdonalds in the world. It was soo cool. There was cobblestone on the floor statues and the garbage can was soooo cool. It would take your food and crush it. After we all got drinks we walked for another block till we came to the spanish steps. There was a fountain right infront of it and the steps looked kinda old. There were people sitting on them everywhere. As mom and dad sat down we went to get suveniours. We got about 5 euro each. Soon we had to get back to our apartment. We walked back and my mom said lets go to the bakery. So we walked in and we all got long big creamy treats yummy. Then we went back to our apartment and said our last good night to Rome.

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