Monday, November 24, 2008

The Thanksgiving Tale Of Turkeys

I woke up early one morning with the rest of the turkeys for today was the day weave been dredding for months. It was the day called Thankgiving and I wasn't feeling very Thankfull. All the turkeys met up in there secret club meeting. Me and the other turkeys had to think of a plan. Almost every year it ended up a disaster and half of us go eaton. We all came up with a plan called the turkey protest. We worked all mornng making sighns that read EAT THE CROWS. When we all finally got the guts to leave our hiding place and start the protest we went out into the humans yards. For a whole hour we chanted louder then ever we were saying in our world eat the crows but for them it sounded like gobble gobble. Finally the humans got tired of hearing gobble gobble so they grabbed the us and took us and put them in cages. We heard the door slam and we heard faint voices. We were all nervous and I thought I would cry. Then we heard a voice say how many turkeys do you want. We heard another voice say well I am a opening a knew restraunt called turkey lurkey I guess I might as well take them all. Ok that will be 100 bucks. Ok we heard the voice that sounded like she was singing say. Then we all got louded up into a truck that had a sighn that said TURKEY LURKEY. They took us into a building and as they took us in there was a huge crowd or people saying EAT THE CROWS and FREE THE TURKEYS. The empoyies who worked at the restraunt got mad. They ran at the protesters and accidently dropped us. The protesters dodged the empoyies and came to free us. We all got away just in time. When we got home we all met up at a meeting. We all decided we would celebrate the day of Thanksgiving. We made a huge thanksgiving feast. Instead of eating each other we had tohuman (fake human). Ever since this the turkeys of turkeyville wake up early each thanksgiving and enjoy a great feast with friends.

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