Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went to piano recital on Friday and ya I was in it. First we went to cosi a science place for kids to learn. The hole time I tried to ignore the fact that I was nervous. When we were done with cosi we went to eat. Then we headed over to the church wear we would play our music. We were a bit early but we went in and we saw Jeff our piano teacher preparing the reception for afterwards. Then we went into the place where the piano was. We found seats then I noticed I was only third for playing my piano song. I was really nervous even though I had rehersed a lot. Then Jeff come up and said his speach before we started. The first person came they played there song real qick and then another beginner played her song. I had been to there rehersal so when it came to my turn I walked on stage and sat down. I didnt want to make one mistake cause then I wouldnt get fifty cence lol. I started playing and remembered to check my hand pasition then when I was done I walked away from the piano and gave a bow. When I sat down I was releaved. I listened to the other songs one after another. It wasnt as hard to get bord because the songs were better then the ones with my old teacher. After all the songs were over we went the reception. They had donuts, candy, punch, and cheesepuffs. It was really fun I cant wait till the next recital I have. I had a great time!

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