Monday, December 1, 2008

Ten Things I am Thankfull for

Ten things I am thankfull for

1. I am thankfull for my mom and dad because they help me with school and sports and cheer me up when im sad.
2. I am thankfulll for friends because they entertain me when Im bord.
3. I am thankfull for my all of my reletivs and my sister and my brother. They are always there when I am hurt and when I am celebrating my birthday.
4. Im thankfull for my cat and my dog daisy and sophie because there so soft and cute.
5. Im also thankfull for books and toys becaause they entertain me when I am in bed or bord.
6. I am thankfull for food and srinks because most taste good and help nme stay alive.
8. Im thankfull for snow because it makes me happy whenever I wake up and see snow flowing down.
9. Im thankfull for water because it is what makes the trees grow wich I like climbing and it is what water parks are practically made of.
10. Im thankfull for being alive so I can have all these ten special things.

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