Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving twice?

Friday was thanksgiving! We woke up reletivly early to prepare thye food. We were going to make glazed carrots, mashed patatoes, rolls, and my moms homemade cranberry sauce. We started with the carrots. I pealed them and my mom cutt them up into small pieces. Then when we started to make the mashed patatoes my dad pealed them and then cutt those up too. Soon we took out all the pots and pans. My dad took the patatoed and put them in a pot then my mom took the carrots and put them in a pan. We decided we would start then cranberry sauce after this. We put the cranberries in a small pot and started sturring them. Soon when all this was done we made the rolls. Then my aunt trisha, uncle melvin, grandpa orr, grandma orr walked in the door. Then we got all of our food including turkey and heated it up agin. We all played our piano well we waited. I didnt know any thanksgiving so I played Christmas songs. After we played our music we served our plates and sat at the table. As we ate we talked with each other and played games. Me my siter my brother and my grandma all played a game called apples to apples it was fun. Then we sat in the living room and talked for a little. Soon we were all ready for dessert. Wer ate apple pi and pumpkin with whipped cream it was really good. As we ate our pie our uncle Melvin played his guitar hes really good. Then everyone had to leave we had a great Thanksgiving. Well first Thanksgiving!! lol cool

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