Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Story

Emmy woke up with a happy feeling. She had been waiting forever for Christmas to come. She made a list of what she wanted five months before Christmas. She couldnt wait to see what she got. She begged her sisters to tell her but they wouldn't listen. She ran down the steps and saw presents under the tree. She was so happy she went over and read who they were all for. Five were for her and six for her sister kirrisa and five for her other sister Amelia. She was mad she didnt get as many as them but hers were all the biggest. She had a lot of stuff on her list but there wasnt enough boxes for her to fit it all in. Emmy went in the kitchen her dad mom Amelia and kirrisa were all there. They were righting cards and eating Christmas cookies for breakfast! Emmy asked Kirrisa what they were doing. Why do you care kirrisa responded in a snapping way. I thought I might help Emmy said. We are making Christmas cards for everyone dad said. Oh why I asked. Use your comen sence Amelia said. Ok emmy said what. We are putting them with there presents. Ok emmy rolled her eyes ennoyed it took a while for you to tell me that. Ill make some. Make one to all your Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and uncles. I drew pictureses of snow men and trees till I got bord and boasted out when do we open presents. We will open them now how bout mom said. Works for me I said and ran to the tree. Kirrisa opened her first present. A CUP SHE SHREAKED I DIDNT ASK FOR A CUP. Thats from me I said. Oh she said I knew that. Then I opened mine. I got a nintendo ds I loveit. I screamed out loud. Good said mom and dad. Then we finished and went to the kitchen and wrote thnk yous for all the presents we got. I couldnt wait till next year I was already making another christmas list.

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