Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry I havn't been posting.

Yesterday we woke up early at 4:30 we had to catch a early flight at the airport. After we got dressed up fancy enough to get on the plane we set off on the icy rodes to the airport. When we got to the airport straight away we got out of the van and to the little bench where we waited for the bus to come. When a bus came we climbed aboard and the minute we got on dad started talking to another piot ofcourse about how we were going to Chicago to get his French visa. After we got off the bus we went across the small but, buisy street and into the warm airport. We got in line to get our security tickets and then we went through the wide buisy hall to security. We unloaded all of our stuff on to the moving rubber that went through the scanner then we went through the metal detector. When we got through we grabbed our stuff quickly stuffed it on and ran to our gate that already wa boarding! When we got to our gate we handed the gate agent our tickets and boarded the plane. When we got on we sat in our seats buckling and reading sky mall untill we took off. When we were in the air I leaned against my shoulder and tried to make up for the sleep I had missed for the whole hour and ten minutes. Finally when we got off we went Mc Donalds and got breakfast then went to a random gate and ate. When we were done eating we went through this glowy hallway with all differnt colors untill we got to the subway. When we got on we rode for like ten stops till we finally got off. When we got off we walked through the cold, icy, nippy town. When we got to a star bucks we sat down and got cinnimon apple drinks! We sat there for like a hour untill we took on the challenge to walk through scortching deserts and climb to the highest room in the tallest tower ok im kidding but we did have to walk across the street and into this giant sky scraper. When we got inside we went to the information desk and got directions to where dad would get his visa When we went up like fifty billion floors we got off and went to get dads visa. It was a short talk and then we were done totally done yep all that way for that talk but we wernt done we still had to go to the Field museum. When we got there we walked in and saw a giant dinasour and guess what it had a fake head because the real one was to heavy! Then we went to the first exzibit. It was a egiption one it had mummies and boats and all different kinds of things. Here are five interesting facts I learned.

1. Some dinisours heads are to heavy to fit on the rest of the body.
2. A hiena is more closely related to a cat then a dog.
3. A fuzzy gorilla like thing is our ansister.
4. Mummies get wrapped in layers and layers of stuff.
5. Blocks that they built prramids with can weigh six thousand pounds!

When we were done with the museum we came home on the subway and then on the plane we were very tired out from that big day. What a big adventure!

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