Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewer eeeeewer

Have you ever thought about where waste goes? It travels through small sturdy pipes untill it gets to a Treatment Plant. If you were to work at a treatmentplant here is what you would have to wear Thigh high wading boots, hard helmet, over sized gloves, and a emergency breathing apparetis with aa back up battery! There is actually a desiece called sewer workers disiece. This is caused by Rat urine, rabies, and even tyfoid wich can lead to death!

In the magazine this is what the auther said. A guy went up to her and told her to sign a paper without telling her what it was and then the man with no smile said......dont worry it just means if you collapse I get your money! Well how rude I might be thinking lol! Also she said that some suwers havn't been visited in 15 years!

So now you know what is below those pipes waste water, vomit, toilet paper, cigrettes, and more. I dont want to work at the sewer when im older lol!

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