Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shining Nights and Armer

Knights used to start there training at age Seven. Their parents would have to be rich because they would have to afford all the armor swords shields and more. There training started when they were sent to a castle of a great lord. ( usually a relitave) The knights would start by learning how to dance, sing, play chess, and good manners. After this skill was learned they would go on to learn wrestling and playing games like tag wich could build up their streingth. Along with this he would learn how to hold a sword and shield. Then he would follow the master into a war and care for his wounds. When he would get back he would serve him almost like a servent! There would be a special ceramony on there last day of training wich usually lasted for about 6 to 7 years. On the night of the ceramony the soon to be a knight would bath put on knew clothes and pray in a church alone with his weapons near by. The next day he would get knew weapons and his trainer would tap the flat side of the sword on his neck. A good set of armor would last for almost there whole life.
The End p.s. I dont want to be a knight!

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