Friday, February 13, 2009

Trees need Medicine to cure them too wow?!_ants

Plants can feel stress get colds and more! There are to kinds of aspirin for them to take. They aparently have slaicylic (the ingredient that makes aspirin work on a fever). It all siculates through the tree and then out through the leaves. It also helps nearby trees clear out there own immune system. Scientists think this may lead to a way to help farmers see if there plants are doing good.

Ants There is a beast ( kinda) that lurks in the amozon rainforest this beast is a....ant. They think this a is a very special ant though because it was from when the dinosaurs were alive. This ant has very sharp jaws too! Most ants develop over the years but this one didnt it doesnt even have any compitition. Well beats me. I dont like ants ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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