Monday, March 2, 2009

Maple syrup

Today we went to Dawes Arboretum for a home schooling maple syrup tour. When we got there we started the tour by walking through the big parking lot and then we went to our first stop. When the pioneers made maple syrup they would put a large hole in the tree and scoop the sap out with a ladle. They soon noticed that this caused the trees great damage and some died in one year! Also when they would cook it they would wait for the maple syrup to turn to sugar. Also we learned about a bird none as the woodpecker. The wood pecker used to peck at each tree and go around a few times and by the time it came back to the first tree sap was dripping wich had attracted bugs that the bird ate! There were also a few other stops before we got to a big wooden cabin inside there was maple syrup over a stove heating also a fire of course lol. While we were in here we even got to sample some of the syrup! yay! After the lof cabin we went back to the welcome center to the discovery center down stairs. There was two snakes some bees and a bird watching place. We saw a bunch of birds and the lady who did the tour let us touch the snake! After this we talked a bit and then we went back home to get ready for agility. At agility we did drills (one is called the super man what you do is you lay on the ground and put your feet and arms in the air for as long as you can!) and I fell in a giant tire that I was suposed to push over and wait for it to come down till I jumped in it I went to early BOOM it hurt lol! Well thats what I did today see ya!

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