Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Airplanes Cake Trampoline And.......SLEEP

Yesterday and the day before we celabrated Gabes 14th B day. On Monday we went to a Air Force museum with Amelia, Gabe, Dad, Me, and Gabes friend Peter. We woke up at like 8:30 and went to pick up Gabe's friend Peter. Then we started driving twords the museum on the way we stopped at a Mc. Cafe and ate. Then when we arrived we went to go get our rist bands for a tour we would take later on that day. As we waited for the time to go to the meeting spot for the tour we looked at the older airplanes. There were prepeller air plains and outfits they used to wear in the air force. One of the exzibits was a crashed airplane with a guy scolding the pilot. When we were done with this we went on the tour we rode a big YELLOW school bus to the tour part then we got off and looked at some of the planes. We got to see a air plane that John Kennedy flew in I think! Then we went back to the museum there we got hot dogs for I don't know dinner lunch! After we ate we looked at a few more airplanes and then went to watch a movie about the airforce. It was pretty boring so i'm not gonna ggo on and on about it. It just showed airforce pilots training. After the movie we were gonna see the wright brothers memorial but it turned out to be a golfing thing. We got milk shakes on the way back at arby's too. Then when we got to giant eagle we got stuff for a SLEEP OVER. This was Gabes sleepover by the way. lol I will blog about that NEXT time!

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