Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For many years gold has been very scarce, but still people kill, fight, and risk there lives for it. Scientists think there may be 70 million tons of it underwater, but have to find a way to get it. A long time ago when an egyptian king ( king tutankhamen ) died they put a mask made of gold over is face! Gold is also the worlds most maleable metal, meaning it's very soft so it's often mixed with other metals to make it strong. If it is combined with other metals it will last a really long time, gold doesn't rust or turn black, or brown over the years eather. Gold can also be found in veins in rocks, when found in these, the gold is usually mixed with other metals such as silver or copper. There was also the gold rush when news about a discovery of a gold mine in California. People traveled all around just to search for gold, and hoped to become millionaires. All somone needs to find gold is a pan, water, luck, and a ton of patience! Most of the worlds gold comes from underground in large viens.Can you even imagine starting your work by riding a elevator that takes you deep under ground where it is 100 degrees fahrenheit! Then you pick up your tools, and dig for gold ALL day! Plus don't forget your helmet, cause if your light runs out you might not be able to find you way back up. Well bye!

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