Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wilds Camp

Last Sunday I went to my first sleep away camp. Me and my dad took a bus to the camping place, and then we went to the urt I would be staying at. Kate was also here, and three girls I didn't know. Me, and my dad walked around for a little, and then Kate's dad, and my dad went on the next bus. Me and Kate went down to a little fire circle they had, and the counceler told us all the rules. Later we played name games. In one game you had to say your name, and then think of a animal that started with that letter. I was Isabel Inda China Seeka Deer, Kate was Kate koala. Inda china seeka deers, are critically endangered ( really endangered), and they keep there spots for there whole life. After the name game we ate dinner, there meals were usually good. After dinner my urt went on a hike, we hiked on a trail that led to the Greenland. We also saw a deer hiding in the Greenland. When we were heading back we learned that cattails are edible, we all tried it, and it tasted a lot like cucumber. When we got back to camp we sat by the fire, and made smores and marshmallows! Then we went on a night hike. It was dark, and we weren't allowed bringing flashlights. On the walk if there was something like a log or ditch he would say ditch or log pass it on. We hiked to the Greenland a different way, and on our way we saw the big dipper! The big dipper starts out on the other end of the sky in spring, and then in fall it's on the opposite side. One story was that the dipper was a bear, and the handle stars were hunters. The hunters chased the bear, and in Autumn they caught it. The hunter shot it and got blood on himself. He shook the blood off onto the trees, and thats why people think the trees are red in Autumn. Every year the bear comes back to life, and starts over. That night we went to bed, no one could sleep, but eventually I did. We woke up at 7:30, and got dressed. We went to the fire ring and sat down. Then a car pulled up that brought breakfast. When we had finished eating breakfast, we went to learn about pollination. Butterflies, humming birds, moths, and bees pollinate flowers. One thing was that everything is connected. If, because clean air went away hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and moths would die. If they died, the flowers couldn't be pollinated, and they would die. After this class we went on a waterfall hike. We hiked to a small waterfall, that was just big enough to walk around in. We stayed here for a few minutes, but not that long. When we got back, our yurt counselor ( Tiffany) took us on another hike, this time she told us to bring out journals. She assigned us all places to sit down away from each other , and told us to write a poem, write, or make a picture of whats around us. The day After this we took a pollinating class. In this one we wanted to see if blue or yellow cups would etract more bugs, we all put a blue cup and a yellow cup under a plant, and filled it with dish washing detergent and water. Next we went to a gardening plot, we all were assigned places to sit once again, and were told to write or draw about what we saw. I saw butterflies called whit cabbage butterflies, bumble bees, sweat bees, and a lot of flowers. When we got back to camp we went to check on the cups. There were a lot more bugs in the yellow cup than the blue cup. The next day we went to learn about Bob Cats, we learned that Bob Cats are a little bigger than house cats. Also they used to be endangered, they live in the forest or mountains, and have short stubby tails. They were doing research on them, and to atract them they used the smell of Catnip and Beaver. After this we took a hike down to a waterfall, the waterfall was really small, so we all just waded in the water. Shortly after the hike we had lunch, then we played tag. We played tag for a really long time, and the they gave us the choice to go on another night hike or eat smores. Me, and Kate decided to do the night hike. We hiked up the road, and tried calling owls again. This time we thought we heard a response. As we walked back we all got a crayon and a piece of paper, and tried to guess what color our crayon was. The next morning we went to a different place to eat breakfast, we had to ride a bus to get there. We had eggs, sausage, tatar tots, and orange juice. WHen we got back to camp we did a survival class. You can survive for three weeks without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air. We got to build shelters also. We set up beetle traps after, we used chicken for bait. Then we got on the bus, and went to the carnivour section of the wilds, here they had Cheetas, African Wild Dogs, small fox like animals. Cheetas can run up to 60-70 miles an hour for a short amount of time. The african wild dogs, and fox things would care for a injured animal in the pack. The African wild dogs were really cute, they had patches of different colors on them. We also went swimming, a couple of people went boating, me and Kate decided to swim though. That night we slept with the rhinos. We played games, and we had brownies! The next day we had a tour of all the animals. Here are some animals we saw, and facts about them.
Persian Donkey The persian donkey eats grass, it has a very long face so that it can reach the grass, even though they look very nice, they can be agressive, they look almost exactly like a regular donkey.
Greater one horn rhino The greater one horn rhino has triangle shaped lip that grips grass, and one horn on its four head.
Giraffe The girafe is very tall, they have long necks so they can reach food, and so they can fight. They have purple tounges that help them not get blistered.
Shivulskies wild horses These horses are wild, to tell that you can look at there back, and see if they have a black stripe. They are also related to the Zebra, they sound like a horse, and they used to be extinct from the wild.
Indo China Seeka Deer The Inda China Seeka Deer keeps it's spots for it's whole life, and is critacly endangered.
The next day we went to the gift shop, I got a giraffe stuffed animal, and trading cards. Also my mom, dad, and Gabe picked me up, before they left we did a skit, our skit was about the tour we did, I acted out a animals in the skit, and a tree. We also all got rewards my reward was traveling reward, and My flower was Birds Foot Tri foil.
Bye! good bye wilds!

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