Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today Amelia, and I woke up at 8:49 we talked about our dreams, mine went like this! My friend Kate, and I went to the 4th of July fair in Granville, we rode a ride called the screamer that went upside down. After this we went swimming in a swamp! That's all I can remember, not really my favorite dream, I don't like the screamer, and I would not want to go swimming in a swamp really. After this we woke up, and cleaned, I don't really like to clean usually ether. Then we went to drop Amelia, and Gabe off at Cosi to volunteer. When we got back I did the dishes, and got a phone call from my friend Abby, it went like this....
Abby: Hi Isabel, I was wondering if you wanted to come see a movie with us?
Isabel: I might be able to, what time is it at?
Abby: It's at 1:45.
Isabel: I will ask......I am aloud.
Abby: Well..I wanted to know if you wanted to see a movie called 9 or Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs?
Isabel: What ever you want you could ask you sister.
Abby: OK is it okay if we go see 9?
Isabel: Yeah, but is it okay if my mom drops me off at your house, at 12:45?
Abby: Yep, I will see you then, bye!
Isabel: bye!
When I got to Abby's house we fed her Kitten, and then went to the movie. The movie was about a puppet who saved a couple of other puppets. There was also these robots that tried to kill the puppets, at the end there ghosts come. It was scary though! After the movie we went to Claire's, they sell earrings, clothes, necklaces, and lip gloss. I got a pair of earrings! They have turtles, stars, hearts, and more!

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