Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat summary

My book is about a girl named Emmy who isn't noticed at school, and her parents are always out of town, but one day her classroom pet the rat bites her. After the rat bites her she was for some reason able to talk to the rat. Then one day another boy in the class named Joe was feeding the rat, and was also bit he was so surprised to here the rat talk that Emmy and Joe became friends. Emmy also had a evil nanny Ms. Barmy, Ms. Barmy always made her eat health foods, and she made her do tennis, ballet, piano, cooking, sewing, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, and more! Then one day Emmy heard Ms. Barmy ordering a rat!! When her parents finally got back from there trip they were so nice, but when they got inside Ms. Barmy had made her Grandmas cookies. For some reason when ever Emmy's parents got back from a trip she made them, and then Joe told her the cookies had been poisoned! When Emmy got upstairs she looked in one of the cookies, and inside was a rats foot print. Then Emmy knew what had happened. Ms. Barmy had been giving her parents those so they would want to keep going on trips. Then when her friend Joe got bit again he shrunk to the size of a acorn. Ms. Barmy still does Contradict though. Emmy dictates many things to her two friends to find research about other mysterious animals that can make people run fast, grow hair, get skinnier, and grow her friend Joe back to a real person. Soon the man who owns the rat store issues a edict for Emmy, and Joe to never come back. I haven't finished the book yet, but my prediction is they will unshrink joe, and get rid of Ms. Barmy.

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I like it. Do you mind if I could joss It