Friday, September 25, 2009

Vocabulary, and Apple picking

Hi! I worked on more Vocabulary! I am going to put down 5 more words I learned.

1. Neglect, If you neglect something then you ignore it.
2.Romp, If you romp it is sort of like a skip.
3.Haste, Haste means quickly, and with out thinking.
4.Collide, Collide is like bumping into someone.
5.Oppose, If you oppose something you block it.

Those are my vocabulary words. Yesterday we went apple picking! We went to a place where they did not spray the apples with chemicals. When we got there we went in to a small building they had, and picked out a bag. Then we drove to park somewhere, and a dog came along too. We picked Golden Delicious apples, and Liberty apples. The we found Rasberries, earlier in the shelter there was a sign that said Rasberries are welcome to apple pickers! Amelia loved them so much she wouldn't leave, dad did most of the apple picking Amelia, and I just ate rasberries. When we had to leave we got in the car, and drove home. Then Amelia told us she had even more rasberries! Amelia filled a bowl up about half way full with rasberries. It was really fun!


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