Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apple Picking Maybe!!!

Today I did vocabulary! I am going to use 5 new words.

Essential: Essential means important.
Sponsor: Pro tennis players have sponsors that give them knew rackets when they break them.
Consent: Means to agree.
Envy: Means to be jealous.
Vanity: Vanity means to be mean, and stuck up.

Those are the vocabulary words, now heres my blog! Yesterday I went to piano, dance, and my first Knitting class! When we got to the knitting place ( called needling yarn) we all picked out our yarn. Amelia picked out blue, mom picked out green, and I picked out light pink. After this I learned how to cast on ( get the yarn onto the needle so I can start knitting). We are going to make hats so we had to cast on 64 stitches! When we all finished ( mom first then Amelia then me) we started to knit! There is something called pearling ( That might not be how you spell it) pearling is the opposite of knitting pretty much. After the knitting class we went to home, and got ready for piano. At piano I played my music, and ended up getting a lot of candy. ( Our piano teacher passes candy out if you play the song right) When we were done with piano we came home, and we went to my dance class! At dance we learned a knew dance move, it is a lot like jumping. We also have another girl in the class her name is Lyndsey. She is in my grade also. When we got home we had fish tacos, and potatoes. Then we had cantalope ( I don't know if thats how you spell it) and went to bed.

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