Friday, October 9, 2009


On Monday My dad, mom, Amelia, and I left to go to Amsterdam. We woke up early not to leave, but I hadn't packed still.
At 12:00 we left the house, and got there about 1:oo we normally would have gotten there at about 12:45, but we spent about 10 minutes waiting for a stop light, it turned out to be broken! When we got to the airport we went through security...I really don't like security, it makes me feel sick. After security we got onto a airplane, and went to Chicago, we had a pretty long wait after this to catch the next flight, about 4 hours, but the time passed quickly. Mom, got first class, and Amelia, Dad, and I all sat in the middle of the plane, I read a lot of the time, and Amelia, and I took turns playing games on a Nintendo. We had pasta for dinner, and when we finally got there we rushed to a van that could take us close to where we were staying. It took us to a nearby hotel about 5-10 minutes away from our street. It was so beautiful, they had canals, with house boats in them, and there were bikes everywhere you looked! When we got to our house we were so tired, well I wasn't really, but I think every one else was. Amelia, and I explored down our street. They had lots of restaurants, and shops. Right away we started walking around, we looked for a famous pancake place, and after about a hour we found it. I got a kids pancake there, it was exactly the size of the regular ones, except it had gummies, and a loli pop on it, and it came with a stuffed animal! Later that day when it was dark we looked in the shop windows, and we found a tooth brush store!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later that night Amelia, and I got hunry again so we went to a nearby diner place, here we got burgers, french fries, and a drink to share. The burgers we really good!!!!!!!!!!! That night we went straight to bed, and we woke up bright, and early the next day. We had free breakfast at the place we were staying at so we went upstairs. They had amazing food! Little donuts, mini pancakes, bread, and Nutella, cheese, fruit, and Orange juice! We started walking a little after this, and sure enough it started raining! I had a rain coat, Amelia shared a umbrella with mom, and dad had a umbrella also, but the water on the rain coat started falling down, on my pants, and by the time we got to the Anne Frank Museum we were walking to my pants were not even a inch dry! We stood in a line for a little while, an d eventually we were in the museum. Inside it showed where Anne Frank hid with 7 other people during world war two. In each room there was a small video, and a page of her journal. Jews couldn't do a lot of things, they couldn't even have bikes, and when they were in public they had to where a yellow star. In her room there were posters hanging that Anne Frank had put up when she had the room. Later that day we started walking to a famous flower market! When we got there there were seeds, flowers, bulbs, and souvenirs! It was so long also there was one building after the other filled with flowers! Amelia, and I got mini wooden shoe key chains! We still hadn't gotten Gabe a souvenir so we went into a shop, and got him a hat that said Amsterdam on it. We also got a umbrella for me:) When we were done with this we walked to the mane square, and went to a cafe. We got a brownie, and drinks, outside the cafe people were taking there pictures with a million birds around them even on there heads! After this we walked back to the apartment, and went to the first store we had liked a lot! Amelia got a paper lantern in the shape of a mushroom, and I got a little rainbow bird that tweets when you move it! Later that night we went to a pizza shop, we ordered a cheese pizza, and a weird pizza I have never seen in my life. As we were eating our pizza we saw a cat running on the street! It came straight into the shop, and came on our laps. When we walked home it started to rain again! That night we slept, and then woke up at 7:10 Amsterdam time, meaning it was like the middle of the night at home. We walked to a train station, and took a train to the airport. At the airport the security was at each gate so we went through security, and waited at the gate. The funny thing was while we were there it was raining, but when we left the sun came out! On the plane ride home I watched night at the museum 2, and Ice Age 3. They were both funny, we are home now, it was a really fun trip!!!! I want to go back again next year:)

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