Friday, October 2, 2009

Park Day

Yesterday I went to a park day!! Yay. When we got there I met two ten year old girls that were also home schooled, there names are Lena, and Liberty. It was really fun. They had a big mulch pile ( it smelled disgusting) that was really fun to climb on. We also went down the slide there, they had this pole about half way down the slide that was fun to slide down. There was a bunch of vines connected to these trees also, they were so fun to sit on, and hang on. Also our friend Amelia was there ( not my sister Amelia) Amelia showed Amelia how to blow into the top of a acorn, and make a whistle. On our way back we stopped to eat, and when we got back, I...well I don't know, I think that I checked my email and stretched! Today I have school work, and yep thats about it, but my brother also has a regata ( I don't know if thats how you spell it) I don't think Amelia, and I are going, but I will see you later!

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