Wednesday, February 3, 2010


OK! So a couple days ago I went to South Carolina to see my Grandma, and Grandpa Nicholls! It was so fun, we played scrabble, and scootered a lot! The first day we just hung out, and played scrabble...the second day we went shopping at Old Navy, and Hallmarks. Than we went, and picked up Grandma Gowan, and ate at Mc. Donald's. After this we picked up Madi! ( Amelia, and I cousin) We played with her for like 3 hoursss! The next day it snowed, and the whole street was solid ice!!!!!!!!!!!! Amelia, and I scootered on it for a very long time...we were pretty much snowed in, and I think that we scootered, and played board games ALL day. The next night our dad got there, and the next morning we went to Bojangles. They we playing Bingo there, but it was only for people 55 and older or something so we just played on teams with our Grandma, and Grandpa. That day we also met Madi, Uncle Jimmy, and Aunt Jessica at The Beacon ( a resturaunt) They have REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY SWEET TEA! IT'S SO GOOD THOUGH! On tuesday we had to leave at 5:00, but Grandma Gowan came over to eat lunch-dinner. That day our Grandpa got another scooter they are so so so so so so so fun! When we got to the airport our back up flight was canceled so we barely got on. On the flight Amelia got sick sadly :( So we got her medicine at the airport, and Chinese food! It was really fun though! I will have to put some pictures on in a little bit!

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