Thursday, February 11, 2010


OKAY! I loooooved kalahari so much so here's what I did there! The first day we got there at like 6 so we didn't go swimming, but I met up with my friends Lena, Liberty, Noah, Molly, and Sophie! we were going to go to a carnival, but it turned out all they had were games, and the line went reallllllllllllllllllllllly far back so we skipped that. The next day we went to the water park, the first thing we went in was the Wave Pool! The waves got really big, but they stopped every five minutes or something! :p It took until we were about to leave when I decided I would go on any BIG rides. The ride we went on first was the Toilet bowl. It puts you on a slide, and it goes really fast into a funnel, and you go around like 2 times than go into a may not sound creepy, but it is, and the tubes they have you can go backwards on! Well anyways than we went on another slide, of course I had to go backwards again, but I think it is more fun to go backwards, because than you don't know if your going to hit anything! Later that day we ate lunch, and then went back to the water park, and since we had not gone on the Lazy River we went in that, and a long yellow tube slide, and a bad thing happened on that I hit my face against my dads knee!!!!!! owww it hurt, and my dad said he was expecting me to come out hurt or something!! I was fine though.... my teeth hurt a teensy bit though. Well anyways after the slide we went into the hot tub for a while, and then my sister, and dad went on this thing called Cheetah Racing, but it looked so scary! You have to go on your stomach on a board, and at the end it goes straight down hill! The day after this we went back to the water park, and this time I decided to go on more rides, we went on all the rides again, and then a few more! There were two tube slides, and one where you go on you back! After ALL this my dad said he would give me 1$ if I went on, who could say no to that lol!? Well anyways the ride was scary! It went fast, and the guy was like HOLD ON! It was so fast, and it was only like 20 seconds....worth it though :D That night I hung out with my friends Liberty, Lena, Molly, Sophie, and Noah. That night was the talent show!!!!! I was nervous surprisingly! It was really fun though! After the talent show I played apples to apples at Lena, Liberty, Sophie, Molly, and Noah's hotel room. I almost forgot! The arcade! I got 1,000 tickets, just from 1 game it was a really slim chance, cause right next to it was 4 tickets, I got a Elephant stuffed animal, and the lady was really nice, and she gave me a stuffed animal, and spree candies! That's pretty much all! I can NOT wait till next year! :D

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Delainie said...

I want 2 go on the Toilet Bowl LOL! =) 1,000?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????Zat IS ALOT LOL!