Monday, January 24, 2011

Castles, and bridges

Ok so today was loooong. As always we woke up and went down to breakfast. It was really good:P Then we went with 4 other people ( we know them, just not saying names here) into a bus thing and drove. We drove for about 2 hours and on the way were a lot of little villages. There were also a lot of people selling different things in the middle of the road. Once we got to the rain forest we were going to, we signed up for a swinging bridge walk. The walk was really cool it was really high up though. ( I will post pics of that 2) It was a super thin bridge but apparently it could hold 8,000 pounds! ( 2 elephants) It was about 150 feet up too. There were not many animals ether just a lot of lizards. After this walk we drove about half an hour to a castle. The castle is where slaves were kept before they went to work on different farms. The castle had 2 moats around it in case the British tried to attack. It was built in the 1400's by the Portuguese before Columbus discovered America. There were 2 different sections where they kept the men and women. If any of the slaves tried to escape they were put in a really small dungeon with no windows for a few days. If the soldiers gaurding the castle got in trouble they were put in the dungeon too. But the dungeon they were in had windows and they were only in there for a few hours. It was pretty interesting, but sad. The ride home seemed like it took forever because the traffic was very busy. Also the people in Africa are kind of bad drivers:P Only one more day in Africa :( Here are the pics! The pictures on my post actually are going to be of the brige, and the castle.....obviously. byeeee


Delainie said...

hwow thts awesome! so pretty! :D

haiku said...

Yeah:) thx