Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day of fun

I am now reading a book called Grandma Torelli makes soup. It is about a little girl who gets in a fight with her best buddy.  Her Grandma thinks of a idea to help her.  She tells Rosie, the little girl,  about times when she got a fight with her best buddy named Pardo.  She tells about the time when her best friend found a dog and, she got mad because he got so obsessed with the dog he didn't want to play with her.  Soon they decided to make soup and, give some to Rosie's friend Baily.  So what they do is they make soup and, bring some to Baily.  She runs up to Baily and says "I'm so sorry", and they make up, run downstairs, and eat soup together.  The next day she runs over to Baily's house and, asks if he wants to help make spaghetti.  Then he says "sure" and they run back to her house to make spaghetti.  First they get out all the ingredients to make pasta and put it all together in to a dough.  After that, they form the dough into snake-like pieces and cut them into even smaller pieces , then they let them dry.  After they dry, they make the sauce and take a break.  That's about all I have read though.

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