Friday, April 18, 2008

Grand+ Parents

Today my grand parents came to visit.  We showed them tricks on the trampoline.  I showed them my flip even.  After a little while me and my sister made a homemade swing.  My sister and I played on that for a little but, shortly after we put it up it snapped.  After this we were all hungry, so we went inside.  We all decided we were in the mood for Olive Garden.  So we got in the car and, we were on our way.  When we got there we got seated right away because, luckily we got there before the crowd.  We obviously got filled up with bread sticks and, salad and, ended up not eating a bite of our dinner but, thats nothing to be ashamed of now is it.  When we got back we bounced on the trampoline for a little.  Then we decided it was a good day for Whit's ice cream.  So once again we all loaded up in the car and we drove to Whit's.  Amelia and, I both got blueberry ice pops.  My brother and mom got a buckeye madness.  When we were done eating we got back in the car and, drove back home.  When we got back it was beginning to get late.  My grand parents had to go and we had to go to bed.  What a great day we had today.

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