Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sleepover madness

Today I went to a sleep over.  It was a lot of fun.  We went to the extravaganza.  I won a free webkinz.  After this we went to Pizza hut.  After we ate pizza we went to get ice cream at a cold stone creamery.   I got mint ice cream with gummy bears.  After this we went back to my friend Abby's house and, started making a place to sleep. We had so many choices of wear to sleep and, guess what out of all those we had to choice under the bed.  I should have known.  After we made our bed we went down stairs and, watched a movie called princess.  Soon we had to go to bed. So we went upstairs and, talked a little and, fell a sleep.  When we woke up the next morning we made toast and,  strudel.  After this we went outside and, rode bikes.  We kept on riding bikes till it was finally time for lunch. We all ate ravioli and, grilled cheese then went back outside. After a small amount of time we walked down town. When we got there we went to the extravaganza for the second time!  This time I got one crosswalk buck.  I spent it on three squishy frogs.  After this we went to whit's.  I got dirty worms and, everyone else got fish bate. Soon it was time to start walking back on our way we thought we could go see the fountain real quick.  we looked at all the fountains till we saw one last one this one was different from all of them though.  This one had thousands of tad poles.  Thats when we saw a small crack with a couple tad poles stuck in it.  Luckly we had our water bottles though we took the water bottles and, slowly we helped them back in.  Soon we had to head home when we got their we asked if our friends could play a little at our house and, guess what?  She said yes.  So we played for two whole hours.  When finally they they they had to go home.  That night we had soup for dinner.  Soon we had to go to bed.  Wooey did I sleep good that night. 

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