Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi everyone as you know If have to save money! About 115 dollars. I am going to share my tips on earning money, and please give me some tips too by commenting ;) Ok so let's start! First of all kids obviously can't go out, and get jobs....too bad...also if you don't live on a busy street selling lemonade isn't a good idea either! So here are easier ways.

1. Rake your yard or ask a nieghbor who's yard has lots of leaves.
2. Sweep the house.
3. Clean windows.
4. Organise the fridge or pantry.
5. Clean the bathroom.
6. Look for random change around the houe and save it XD
7. Groom your pets?
8. Mow the lawn.
9. Shovel snow?

Those are my ways of earning money! Pleasee comment your ideas!


De Dead Me said...

You could get a job delivering the paper.

haiku said...

Probably not though because this is just temporary.

Delainie said...

#5 I don't earn money from bc I have my own b-room
#9 prob....have 2 ask