Friday, November 5, 2010

Twilight vs Tuck Everlasting

Hi! Today I am comparing two very similar movies! They have there differences, but some parts are very similar! OK so let me start by giving you the basic idea of both, just in case you haven't seen one or the other!

Tuck Everlasting: A family who drinks from a "magic" waterfall, that makes them live forever. A girl meets the family, and she has no idea what's up with that family until they tell her. Then she has tons of fun with them, and stays with them while her parents are looking for her. Finally the Tucks ( that's the family's last name) have to leave, because the girl's parents find her. He ends up asking her to drink from the waterfall so eventually ( when it is safe) he can come back, and be with her. She ends up not, because she realises she doesn't want to be stuck in one place forever.

Twilight: A family of vampire's ( that live forever ) meet a girl. The girl really love's the family, and spends tons of time with them. Then ( eventually) Edward decides to leave, because he realises it just isn't safe. However he does come back, and they live happily ever after.

So you see what I mean they are kinda sorta similar? Well than let's compare, and contrast!

Similarities: 1. The families ( Cullens, and Tucks) both live forever. 2. There is a girl in both that falls in love with one of the boys in the family. Both families leave town out of being afraid of being discovered.

Differences: At the end of Twilight they end up together again, at the end of Tuck Everlasting they don't. In twilight the family are vampires, in Tuck Everlasting.....they aren't. XD In Twilight the girl does not run away, in Tuck Everlasting she does.

So what do you think? Comment. ;)


Delainie said...

Have u evr read Tuck Everlasting? I read z bk and saw z movie. In the bk she lives 2 b 80 and in z movie she lives 2 b 100 or z other way around lolz. In z movie it is kinda weird bc I think her tombstone was over the water hole lol!

haiku said...

haha yesss! I saw the movie. I never read the book though! In the movie she lives to be 100 that's all I know!

Delainie said...

k so in z bk she lives 2 b 80 then u should read z bk!

haiku said...

yeah I should