Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My day December 20 2011

Soo I already posted today but that had absolutely nothing to do with Hawaii!! Today my parents went to this time share presentation thing. You are probably like what the heck, why would they do that? Well we are going snorkeling at Molikini in a few days and you have to take a boat to get there. By going to this presentation we get a discount for some reason. Like do they really think anyone's going to hear about getting a Time Share cause I'm pretty sure they weren't! I don't think it was amazingly fun for them though because all they did was sit and listen to sales people talk for two hours........ BUT HEY..... they had rice crispy treats:) While they did that Gabe, Amelia and I sat at Starbucks and read and did math. After we went to get sandwiches at a.... sandwich shop. We sat and ate at a park by the beach and looked at the tidepools after. THEN we got frozen yogurt (froyo)!

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