Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Stuff

It's been...... let's seee.....8 months since my last post. So now I will proceed to tell you everything that happened in the last 8 months. Surprisingly it has been the most interesting 8 months of my life probably but I haven't done one post. So first over the summer we had a foreign exchange student stay with us. Her name was Svenja she was with us for about 3 weeks and than Amelia went to stay in Germany where she lived for 3 weeks. Since I have a lot more stuff to get through that's all I'm gonna say about summer vacation. It was very fun though. In August I started running or conditioning for running Cross Country because I decided to go back to public school. I started school in September and ran Cross Country for most of the season which I absolutely LOVED! Then in October at one of my meets a mosquito bit me and gave me a virus. Only I didn't know that when I was feeling super tired and sick for 10 days. I kept running and going to school for a few days but then I was too tired to go. I went to the doctor and they told me I had an ear infection and gave me gigantic pills to take. They didn't know I was going to have a seizure in 2 days though... and a stroke. I don't remember a whole lot of the first week at the hospital but getting my fingers pricked a lot. The second week I woke up for a little longer though and some of my friends visited. My walls were decorated with posters and I had a gazillion cards. We went outside sometimes and had yucky cafeteria food but mostly I think I just stared at the parking garage next door. The third week was the most productive because I was moved to the rehab level. There I had physical, occupational, and speech therapy, school and massage therapy. Everyones like OOOHH you got massage's but seriously even that I hated when I was in the hospital. I was absolutely thrilled when I was discharged from the hospital. When I got back Candice, Amelia, and Zach and Seth came over and through me a surprise party! Just about four days after I got out I went back to school. It was actually the beginning of the second semester so I didn't start in the middle. My classes were switched around and I had extra study halls because I couldn't take Physical Education. I went to physical and speech therapy once a week for several weeks though. About one week after I got back they started conditioning for Track and I joined that. Everything is about back to normal now though. I love running track with my friends and now I'm doing most of the things I was doing before. Now it's Christmas break and we are BACK IN HAWAII! Where I started this entire blog. I could probably make about 50 posts about the last 8 months but so far in Hawaii we have shopped, gone swimming, snorkeling, and gone to a lavender farm. Yesterday dad and Gabe went biking down Haleakala and dad tore his shoulder and now we are going to Barnes and Noble.

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