Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snorkeling 12/22/11

Today was super cool...! Except I had to wake up early which to my school friends would seem crazy because for school I wake up at 6:30. Today I woke up at 7:30. ( Maui time meaning at home it was 12:30) It was worth it though because we went on a snorkeling cruise! We got on the boat at 8:30 am with 70 other people which might seem like a lot but the boat could hold 150 people. We had breakfast on board while we drove to our first snorkel destination (molikini). I was kind of freaked out about how deep and cold it was because it was already windy outside the water. Also I thought sharks might be there even though the only shark you would see was a reef shark probably. Snorkeling was fun there it was deep and weird that the fish we so far down but still really cool. We saw Yellow Tang, Parrot Fish, and Triger Fish. All the fish were swimming around in schools except for the Yellow Tang and Parrot Fish. ( I guess the bigger fish were solo) We were snorkeling for about one hour there and when we got back on my dad shared TIGER SHARKS had been spotted in that area 20 ft long! Nice time to share that lovely story. When we got back on the boat we sailed for an hour and a half to our next snorkeling area. On the way there we saw DOLPHINS they were adorable! They were Spotted Dolphins and they jumped into the air and followed the boat around:) I love dolphins:D Once we got to Lanai our second snorkeling place we swam around the edges of the coral reef. We saw some eels here but mostly some of the same things as Molikini. Lanai was calmer though and less busy. Bill Gates also got married on Lanai:] People still live there but I think it's mostly resorts now. Once we got on the boat again we returned our snorkel gear and got ready to head back. It was rougher on the way back then on the way in though. Shortly after we left Lanai the captain turned into a large cove and said he saw spinner dolphins! They were so awesome the dolphins jumped into the air and flipped! They were apparently resting in the cove....doing flips? Later on our way back we saw whales breaching, I'm not sure what kind they were and they were further away than the dolphins had been though. Once we got back we came home and ate pastaaa:) Today was super fun!

Sadly I could not take pictures because my camera was digital and would not survive if it was underwater. Also the whales, and dolphins were too fast for my camera. However I have videos that I may post on ISABEL'S MAGICAL KINGDOM:)

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