Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hiking and the Beach

When we first arrived in New Zealand we called a car driver to pick us up.  When we got to where he worked we picked up our car and drove to our house.  We were all tired so we played shoots and Ladders. After this we went to bed thinking we would wake up at like 10:00.  Then guess what when I woke up I wasn't tired anymore but the time was.....4:30 am.  After I am awake I can't fall asleep.  So I sat in bet till 6 o clock.  When I woke up we ate breakfast and then decided to go on a adventure outside.  When we got outside we walked over our yard until we decided to go some where else.  We went down the street and found a small path that would be good to walk on and walked a little ways.  It was very green and it had a lot of bridges and streams to walk over.  When we got back to our place where we were staying we all decided to walk down town.  When we got there we went to a small coffee shop and ate.  After this we walked back and told dad about the trail we had found that led to the beach.  He liked the sound of it and decided we should walk to the beach.  We all got food and stuff and walked down the winding trail untill we got to the beach.  At the beach it was beautiful it had a park ducks and a ton of shells.  All the ducks loved Gabe and they and the minute he took his sandwich he came to him lol!  Me and Amelia kept on getting shells and we played on this big swing made out of straw.  When we went home it was getting dark so we all went to bed!  our first day in New Zealand! 

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