Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pancake Rock Glaciers and swinging bridge also seals

A few days ago I woke up kinda early and cold. I heard Amelia and Gabe talking, so I asked them if they were cold too. Amelia said it was freezing got her sweat shirt on and asked dad why is it soo cold! Dads reply was.....GO PACK....NOW! Amelia went into her room and packed while I went into dads room and asked WHY IS IT SO SO SO SO SO COLD! This time his reply was I forgot to turn the heater on hight and I didn't make a fire last night. OH OK! waaaa! Mom suggested we hit the rode soon because we had to drive for six hours and went and took her shower. Me and Gabe packed while mom was in the shower and ate breakfast, when mom got out of the shower she was cold, this made her angry and made her REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO......NOW! All of us were in a bad mood EXCEPT ME YAY! So I went and waited in the car untill everyone else joined me. Dad started driving and before long you heard this: BELLE MOVE YOUR FEET YOUR TAKING UP TO MUCH ROOM! MOM TELL BELLE TO MOVE HER FEET! Gabe my feet are two feet away from yours and yet your still complaining! Dad: your ruining the beuty around you all look out the window! I read my book for a while untill we stopped at a cafe and got hot cocoa! Then we got back on the curvy rode~. Roll Soon we got to a parking lot yay I everyone got out of the car while I tied my shoes then we all went inside and saw a huge swinging bridge! Dad sighned us up to walk across the bridge do a 15 minute hike then do a zip line! We walked across the swinging bridge that was at least 100 feet in the air I walked ahead of my dad though so he wouldn't swing it when I was there. Looking straight down was also so so creepy because it would look like you were anout to fall. When we got to the other side of the bridge we went on the short hike that took us by the river that was under the bridge. Brows Eyes Here there was a tower we climbed into and then we got strapped in first amelia went then me and Gabe went together. Gabe taped all the way down and took pictures of Amelia while mom took pictures of all of us. The man there strapped us in and then said ready 5,4,3,2,1, blast off and then let us go. I was kinda scared so I only waved 1 time for the camera other then that me hands were on the hand ropes. When we were all done we hopped back in the car and drove to pancake rock! When we got to Pancake Rock we got out of the car, used the restroom, and then started the short path that said Blowholes and Pancake Rocks. A short way through we found at the second look out there were rocks. At first we didn't see the Pancake rock, but then we noticed some rocks looked like stacked up pancakes. The rocks got like that over years and years and years and years and years Hello . Also I can't really explain the blow hole, beacause I was too short to see it! Well I heard it at least. After this we went to the place where we were staying and met the lady. The place was New River Blue Gums I think they calles it that cause the river beside there house was the new river. We got pizza that night too then went to bed. Tiger Butterfly Cool!

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