Saturday, April 25, 2009


( some how this post got deleted so thats why it's really late )

When we went zorbing at first we were just driving, then we saw a big zorb rolling down the hill and decided to check it out. We watched a few people and then we decided that it would be fun to zorb now. So me and Amelia decided we wanted to zorb together with water in the zorb. We checked in and then changed our outfits because we didn't want to get wet in them. AFter we got out wrist bands we hopped on to the back of a truck that took us up the hill to the zorbs. When we were at the top there was a short line and a giant pool of water. We watched other people go down a really windy path, and decided we didn't want to do that path, because it was to windy. When it was finally our turn they filled our zorb with water. There was a small hole in the zorb that he told us to dive through head first. When I was in I noticed the water was warm like HOT TUB WATER! When Amelia was in the zipped up the little hole and boom, bam, we were rolling down the hill. It started out nice until all of a sudden I summersaulted forward and my back was facing the whey we came from! Amelia was scared at the sudden jolt and started screaming I'M GONNA DIE AH I'M GONNA DIE. Right as she said this a guy opened the hole up, and took our picture inside the zorb. He told us to slide out feet first, and took our picture again when we were both out of the zorb. Soon we were on our way to the hotel. That was awsome!

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